Ouo.io Review – Best url shortener

Ouo.io Review

Ouo.io is one of the legit url shortener service, here people can make money to shorten long urls to shorten. Ouoio pays to each legitimate clicks and it payout rates are decent. I like this url shortener site because it counts all multiple views from same visitor, so if a person clicks 10 times, then ouo.io pays for all 10 clicks or visits. This features is very useful to earn more money from ouo.io very quickly. It offers convenient and  a simple user interface. This url shortener offers mobile support also, so, its users can easily shorten long urls and even users can see the stats on mobile device. It pays on Biweekly basis via Payza and PayPal with an attractive referral bonus of 20% for life. Its minimum payout limit is only $5. 

Simple Details:
Network Type: CPC, CPM
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Options: Payza and Paypal
Payment Time : Biweekly
Referral: 20%
Payout for 1000 views: Upto $4.7 (Minmum $1.50)


What is Ouo.io?

Ouo.io is a US based URL shortening website that allows its users to shorten url links and it helps to earn money. it accepts advertisers and publishers all over the world, it pays for each legitimate visits. Its payout rates are decent and good. If you bring traffic from UK, US, Australia and Canada you will get highest revenue. Its minimum payout rate is $1.5 it means if bring traffic from any country you will get minimum $1.5 for 1000 visits and Ouo.io pays maximum $4.7 for 1000 visits for all its publishers.


How Ouo.io works?

When a visitor clicks on your ouo.io shorten url link, it goes to 2 step process. 1st step is to check on Captch to go to their destination page. Once the viewer submit right Captcha, then it goes to destination page. that’s it publisher will earn money some amount for it.


How much does Ouo.io pay you?

Currently ouo.io offers decent payout rates, which upto $4.7 per 1000 visits and its minimum payout rate is $1.5, it means if bring traffic from any country you will get minimum $1.5 for 1000 visits and Ouo.io pays maximum $4.7 for 1000 visits for all its publishers. Also it counts all multiple views from same visitors. If bring traffic from UK, US, Australia and Canada you will get highest revenue.  and its payout rates are changes on daily basis.


Ouo.io Legit or Scam?

There are many scam url shortener sites online, but ouo.io is legit network and some of the facts that prove ouo.io is legit site.

  • Ouo.io was started 3.5 years back.
  • Its has Alexa Rank of 354 (Note: Alexa rank is a indication of website’s online popularity)
  • I received many payments from ouo.io url shortener network for more information please check payment proof section of this article.


Best features offered by Ouo.io to publishers:

  • Easy sign up and approval process
  • Pays on biweekly basis
  • 20% referral bonus
  • Minimum payout rate is $1.5
  • Counts multiple views from same viewers
  • Multiple tools offered
  • Low minimum payout of $5
  • Decent payout rates
  • Simple and mobile friendly user interface
  • Real time updates of the stats
  • It uses 2 payment methods
  • Nice Customer Support
  • Quick payments
  • Attractive website design


Publishers Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Do not use bots or hitleap or proxies to create fake traffic to generate revenue quickly 
  • Dont click on your own Ouo.io shorten urls to earn more money
  • Do not instruct or beg your visitors to click on your ouo.io shorten urls, they must be click naturally
  • Dont create more than one account with Ouo.io 
  • Don’t spam any website, blog and forum with the Ouo.io url 
  • Do not place Ouo.io shorten urls on websites containing illegal content
  • Do not open Ouo.io shortened URLs using popups or iframe
  • Dont create ‘redirect loops’ with ouo.io shorten links
  • Don’t advertise ouo.io on PTC websites or traffic exchange websites
  • Don’t bring automated or fake traffic to your ouo.io shorten urls to boost your revenue, it you create fake traffic to your ouo.io links then your account will be terminated for permanently


How to Sign Up and Approval Process:

In Ouo.io all publishers can join very easily within 2 minutes. Just click on sign up button and fill up the simple registration form and submit it, then you can start shortening your long urls and share those shorten links anywhere online (blogs, forums, social media etc.) You will be paid some amount for each clicks, these rates are depending on visitors country.


Payment Informations:

  • Ouo.io Pays  Upto $4.7 for 1000 visits
  • Its minimum payout rate is $1.5
  • Ouo.io used 2 payment methods to pay all its publishers, including Paypal and Payza
  • Like other url shortener ouo.io also offers low minimum payout limit which is only $5
  • Ouo.io Pays on Biweekly basis to all its users on time
  • Ouo.io uses CPC and CPM as its payment models
  • It pays on time payment to all its publishers
  • It offers an attractive referral commission for publishers which is 20%


Payment Proof:

Ouo.io Payment Proof


Referral Commission: 

Like other link shorteners Ouo.io also provides an attractive referral commission to all its users for life, its referral commission is 20%.


Tools Offered: 

Ouo.io provides 3 best tools, it is very useful to increase your revenue on Ouo.io. The tools provided by Ouo.io are:

  • Quick Link
  • Mass Shrinker
  • Full Page Script


Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats:

Ouo.io is a link shortener service based advertising network, so it offers only Interstitial advertisements to all its publishers.Also ouo.io offers an advanced stats reporting system to all its publishers it provides all necessary details like Views, Month date, Earnings, Links, eCPM, Total Available Earnings, Total views, Graph etc.

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